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Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs 2023 in betting and gambling. More than 300 offers in 25 countries. The UFFILIATES affiliate network offers a selection of affiliate programs for casinos, leading bookmakers and banks.
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Affiliate program is one of the types of perspective and stable earnings on the Internet. Through affiliate programs, companies delegate the sale and advertising of their products and services to those who can and want to do it - webmasters, site owners, bloggers, arbitrageurs.

For the company's business to flourish, it needs daily sales and new clients. It is for this purpose that partners are attracted and affiliate programs are launched, whose offers are placed on the official site of UFFILIATES. Advertisers offer profitable cooperation, and webmasters place a special link on their project, in social networks, via targeting or by other means. When the link is clicked and the target action is performed, the partner receives a reward negotiated in advance with the advertiser.

We offer a wide range of affiliate programs in three top verticals: gambling, betting and finance. Our affiliate programs rating will help you choose a reliable and trusted partner, which is represented in our CPA network.

How to choose an affiliate program

Affiliate programs are a great way to monetize your website, social networks, or any other traffic. But among the many affiliate programs available, it's not easy to choose the one that's right for you.

The choice of an affiliate program for earning money depends on several important parameters, which you should pay attention to. In UFFILIATES you will find affiliate programs, whose offers will allow you to earn from $1000 per month, if you approach the launch of advertising competently.

We will tell you what to pay attention to when choosing advertisers for the flood of traffic.


Reputation is one of the most important factors when choosing an affiliate program to make money. It is easy to check the reputation of an affiliate program. It is enough to study the reviews of webmasters or arbitrageurs in the network. Read whether there have been any violations of the law and how the partners speak about the payments for attracting traffic.

Some advertisers pay consistently, but are too picky about traffic. For example, they may cancel payment on bad players if leads are not active enough by internal standards. KPIs should be discussed in advance with your personal manager


The commission or rate is the amount an affiliate earns for selling or attracting traffic. Some affiliate programs offer a flat fee per referral, while others offer a percentage of sales. It is important to understand how the commission is calculated in order to relate its size to the amount of work performed and your own investment.

You also need to understand that high-bid offers are working with tier 1 countries, where the competition is higher. Beginners are advised to choose affiliates that accept traffic from tier 3 countries in order to reduce the startup budget.


GEO is an important factor when choosing an affiliate program. Affiliate programs can accept traffic from hundreds of countries on different continents. Or they can work only with a certain pool of GEO. For example, they can accept traffic only from the USA or CIS countries. When choosing, you should be guided by the countries that the arbitrator already knows how to work with.

If you've never worked with dash 1, you shouldn't hire an offer for Canada. Yes, the stakes are high, but the competition is huge.

Allowed traffic sources

Almost all affiliate programs have strict rules regarding the type of traffic sources used for promotion. When choosing, study the program's rules regarding traffic sources and choose the ones that match your promotion methods.

Almost all advertisers do not accept schema and motivated traffic. Many refuse spam, and misslead. No one accepts fodder traffic. At UFFLIATES, you need to coordinate the source of traffic with your personal manager to avoid payment problems.

Best affiliate programs

UFFILIATES is a CPA network of affiliate programs, offering the best offers from leading gambling and betting advertisers. There are more than 300 offers for different GEO and sources on the official website. We offer high rates and fair working conditions.

В топ партнерских программ мы включили лучшие партнерки с самыми высоким ставками и лояльными условиями. В этот список вошли офферы, с которыми работают партнеры UFFILIATES уже долгое время.

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