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Bet365 affiliate program

Лого Bet365 affiliate program
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Bet365 is a well-established UK gambling brand, offering its sports betting, casino, live casino, poker, and bingo services worldwide since 2000. Its partner program allows affiliates to earn a stable income of 30% revenue share from every referral.

Bet365 is a famous brand that can boast more than 90 million customers in over 200 countries. It works under one of the strictest gambling licenses which is the one from the British Gambling Commission — and has 10 extra permissions to work in the particular US states, European, African, and Asian countries.

If we check Google trends for the past year, we’ll witness that the Bet365 searches kept staying close to the peak popularity almost all the time. 100 means the maximum level of how popular the keyword is:

Bet365 in google trends

So, thanks to the big brand awareness, users have much interest towards Bet365, and partner affiliate marketers won’t need to struggle attracting converting traffic.

To make affiliates’ lives even easier, Bet365 provides them with:

  • ready branded and localized creatives for every product: sportsbook, casino, poker, bingo, live casino.
  • convenient statistics tool for real-time tracking and optimization.
  • regular bonuses and attractive welcome offers for all accepted GEOs.

Still, Bet365 affiliate program has pretty strict requirements regarding traffic sources, so here are the details below.

Bet365 affiliate program partners and conditions

You canbecome a bet365 affiliate if you have your own traffic source, preferably an active website on the gambling-related topic. The partner’s task is to publish a Bet365 affiliate link in the form of banners, promotional texts, or click-through links at this traffic source.

Bet365 affiliate program is based on RevShare, and the payout is 30% from net profits bet365 received from your referrals. To make a withdrawal, you need to have at least five active referrals. Payments are made on a monthly basis.

Note: after three months, bet365 partners need to have at least 15 active referrals. Otherwise, your partner account might be closed. However, you can open a new one and try again — bet365 doesn’t mind give you a second try.

There are no separate conditions for, say, a Bet 365 casino affiliate program or its sportsbook. You get the same payout for all the products, with just little differences in what you can count as a net profit. You can ask your personal manager for all the details.

Allowed and prohibited traffic sources

Bet365 is very picky when it comes to traffic sources: it wants affiliates to bring direct traffic from a trusted media source owned by a partner.

Here are the requirements towards this source:

  • The source (a website, blog, social media) must have content related to betting, gambling, or poker activity and be relevant to users.
  • The source must have enough traffic volumes — the actual figures can be revealed when you apply to the partner program.
  • Whatever creatives a partner uses, they must mention responsible gambling principles every time they mention bet365.

The final decision to approve your traffic source will be made by the manager. However, there are some no-go points, that will end up with a 100% refusal:

  • Bet365 affiliate program doesn’t accept traffic from affiliate networks or receive by any other programmatic advertising means.
  • The SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, and similar types of traffic are not accepted as well.
  • If you only traffic source is a social media account, you can’t apply. However, you can use it as a secondary promotion option.
  • bet365 partners can’t add a new traffic source to their marketing plan without bet365’s approval. So, for example, if you already work with 2 approved websites, and then decide to promote bet365 at the third one, a big chance is you won’t be paid out for customers who came from this source.
  • Your website contains inappropriate information that can abuse bet365 brand safety — for example, adult or illegal content.

How much can you earn?

The commission of bet365 partners depends on the number of losing bets made by your referrals. The payout of bet365 affiliate program always a 30% stable RevShare, so your profit can reach thousands dollars depending on the customer types you target and attract.

For example, if we assume that an average player loses $200 per month on sports wagers, your bet365 affiliate earnings will make a $60 per month per player. If you attract at least 10 players, you can earn $600 per month.

The figures can be much more significant: keep in mind bet365 has plenty of products besides a sportsbook, which can also contribute to your profits.

Pros and cons of working with bet365 affiliate program

Pros Cons
A big and reputable licensed brand. Limited traffic sources that will be accepted.
Has made great brand awareness efforts in plenty of GEOs. Payouts made just once a month.
Offers a large set of products: sportsbook, casino, poker, bingo. High requirements towards traffic sources.
Bet365 affiliate commission is relatively big being a 30% RevShare.
Convenient tracking tools and ready GEO-targeted creatives.

Overall, bet365 affiliate program mainly targets webmasters rather than media buyers. If you have relevant media sources, or know how to create and quickly promote one, this partner program might bring you good income pretty quickly.

Besides, it has all the ready materials, localized depending on the GEO you target, so the overall work should not be too hard.