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Questions and Answers

Popular questions and answers on working with our platform, as well as the database for beginners in arbitrage and lead generation.

Platform handling


Are there any fees for withdrawal?

There is no commission, we fully compensate all withdrawal costs. In case the currency of a partner’s wallet differs from the currency of the reward received – conversion is made at the rate available to our financial department at the current moment within the conversion method chosen by the financial department and can differ on different exchanges and at different points in time.

What withdrawal methods are available

We will consider any convenient ways of withdrawal, please contact your personal manager.

How often are payments made

Payments are made two times a week, automatically, on Tuesdays and Thursday. For correct formation of payment – specify the requisites in your personal cabinet before its beginning. If the withdrawal method is not specified in the personal cabinet, the automatic withdrawal is postponed.

Registration and work

How is traffic checked?

For some offers, leads are tested by the advertiser before they are available for payment. This period is usually called “hold” and ranges from 0 to 60 days. The quality of traffic may be checked for compliance with the parameters of the offer, as well as for abuse of the terms of the affiliate program.

In case the advertiser discovers any abuse of the terms of his affiliate program or any parameters of the attracted traffic he is not satisfied, at any time, the advertiser reserves the right not to pay for such traffic. The partner relationship does not assume any obligations of either party.

How to get access to offers

After registration you will get access to your personal cabinet, where you can see many different offers. Some of them are available for work at once, some require a manager’s confirmation to start working. This is due to the limitations of advertisers on permissible traffic sources. Apply for the offerers you are interested in and they will be considered as soon as possible.

Can I have multiple accounts

Working within our service with multiple accounts is forbidden, exceptions must be agreed upon with the personal manager in advance, before such use is established. The use of multiple accounts determined by our security service may result in their blocking and the cancellation of the remuneration.

How registration happens

Registration takes 1-2 minutes on our site, after that our manager examines the application and if necessary clarifies the information about the traffic source, during working hours this process takes up to 30 minutes, at weekends and on holidays – time frame is not regulated.

After consideration of the application and its confirmation by the manager – you get access to a personal cabinet and the ability to connect the offers, it will come a notice on the e-mail.

Access to the best offers