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Betfair affiliate program

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Betfair is mainly known as the sports betting exchange, but also has a regular casual sportsbook, a poker room, and casino games. Betfair affiliate program allows marketers to choose between CPA, Brand Awareness, or Hybrid models, and provides partners with tools and support.

Betfair was established in 2000 and has become one of the oldest and trusted online betting brands. Its main product is a betting exchange, which might be a bit hard to promote, but luckily it has a big choice of other activities:

  1. Sportsbook.
  2. Exchange Games.
  3. Casino.
  4. Poker rooms.
  5. Bingo.

All of this can be successfully promoted within the affiliate program. What is even nicer, Betfair regularly releases new promos and bonuses for every product or feature, for example:

Betfair bonus

A bonus with a Betbuilder feature

Betfair casino offer

Betfair casino welcome offer

If we check the overall Betfair popularity, we’ll see its brand awareness remains on the top:

Betfair popularity

The keyword’s search volume reaches almost the maximum level of 100, and has never fallen lower than 72 throughout the year. And here are the top popular GEOs for the same search:

Betfair top geo

So, Betfair partners will definitely manage to attract traffic — not necessarily from the highly-competitive GEOs like BR or IT, but some simpler ones, like Malta or Gibraltar, too.

But how can you become a part of the Betfair affiliate program and what is it like in detail?

Betfair partners and conditions

At the Betfair affiliate program, you are free to promote any of its six products. As you register, you get access to the following perks:

  • Ready branded creatives with Betfair logos. Besides the ready banners and other materials from the database, you can request for custom banners, with the specific size or content you require.
  • Technical support. Betfair is ready to help you place banners to your websites, provide you with the codes and landing page links.
  • Extended permissions. You can freely use the Betfair logo on your websites, advertise its products on their behalf, and use the brand’s content in your campaigns. There are just several restrictions, like you can’t bid the keywords related to Betfair when you attract SEO traffic.

When joining Betfair affiliate program, you can pick one of the payment models:

  • Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) — you are paid a fixed amount for every player you attract. This amount depends on your agreement with the Betfair affiliate program manager and may range something between €30 and €50.
  • Ad Spend Model — a model in which you are paid for raising Betfair brand awareness. In other words, this is a RevShare model, with a commission being also a matter of your personal arrangements. According to current Betfair affiliates, it varies between 20% and 40%.
  • Hybrid Model — a combination of CPA and Ad Spend, for those who have resources to bring both leads and run brand awareness campaigns. In this case, you will be paid for every referral that becomes an active player, and also receive a RevShare from users’ spendings.

The payouts are made monthly, and you’ll need to wait extra 30 days before your first payout. The minimal withdrawal amount is €50.

Allowed and prohibited traffic sources

Betfair gives much space for both webmasters and media buyers. Here is how you are allowed to promote the brand within the Betfair affiliate program:

  • Online ads at the websites with the content including gambling industry experts reviews, personal blogs, comparison websites.
  • Promotion via personal video blogs.
  • RSS feeds.
  • SMM, with some special guidelines. For example, you can advertise Betfair with the means of Instagram if you can place a clickable link in the post, so stories is your only option. Also, you must use interest targeting to avoid impressions from minors.
  • Email Marketing.
  • PPC search campaigns, with negative keyword search exclusion.
  • In-App campaigns.

Besides, Betfair can consider the following extra sources:

  • Influencer marketing. The brand will thoroughly check a particular influencer and their audience, and may give permission to add this to the marketing plan.
  • Media Buying. This option is also possible if Betfair partners can provide the brand with the list of domains where the ads will appear. What is more, this list must be updated on a monthly basis.
    • Besides, like most reputable gambling brands, Betfair doesn’t allow to put its materials or anyhow mention them at the websites related to adult traffic or containing violence and illegal content. It’s also prohibited to promote Betfair products as a solution to financial issues.

      How much can you earn?

      As the Betfair affiliate program conditions are private and depend on every particular agreement, we can just speculate on this, but if you target the right people and attract much converting traffic, the amounts can definitely reach several thousands per month.

      Pros and cons of working with Betfair affiliate program

      Pros Cons
      A reputable old brand existing from 2000 and having big popularity worldwide. No transparent payment conditions for everyone, private arrangements with Betfair partners.
      Many products to promote depending, including a betting exchange, sportsbook casino, exchange games, poker, and bingo.
      Plenty of regular promos, bonuses, and special offers for players that help attract more traffic.
      Special betting features like BetBuilder that can be used in ad campaigns.
      Ready creatives with brand logos.
      Many traffic sources accepted.