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Betclic Affiliate Program

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Welcome to the Betclic affiliate program — the gateway to lucrative earning opportunities in the iGaming industry. With over 15 years of experience, Betclic offers a competitive affiliate program for those seeking to monetize traffic with sports betting and casino offers.

Betclic is a gambling platform with sports betting and casino offers. With the experience of more than 15 years, it has become a part of the iGaming market in France and worldwide.

Betclic has established strong partnerships as a sponsor of big sporting events and athletes. Among its deals were the French Volleyball Federation, Ligue nationale de basket, and the Portuguese Primeira Liga.

Although Betclic doesn’t rank on Google as high as some industry giants as Bet365 or DraftKings, it still gets much interest from users worldwide. At least, here are the user interest trends:

Betclic in google trends

And the interest by region state reflects the amount of Betclic marketing efforts at various GEOs:

Betclic top geo

As you see, Betway partners can explore lucrative locations full of easily acquired traffic, with low competition, as well as the proven Tier-1 countries. Note, that although the platform positions itself as the worldwide gambling brand, it’s restricted in a pretty big number of countries, including such big markets as Netherlands and the UK.

The Betway affiliate program is called Beaffiliates, and offers webmasters work by RevShare. Below are the program details.

Betclic partners and conditions

Betclic affiliate program welcomes all the website owners who want to place Betclic branded ads on their platform. After registration and a quick KYC procedure you receive access to the full ad set. It includes several formats:

  • Flash
  • GIF
  • HTML5
  • Widget
  • Text links

The payment options might differ as there are various agreement types. The most common one is RevShare, with commissions that depend on the net profits of your referrals. Here are the approximate payouts:

€1-€15000 30%
€15001-€45000 35%
€45001+ 40%

Besides, upon a special agreement, you can opt for alternative payout options, for example, CPA. All Betclic partners have dedicated managers, who are always ready to help with any questions about payouts, commission deals, ads placements, and more.

You can also track all payments, net profits of referrals, clicks, impressions, and ROI in the personal account. All the stats are transparent and are updated in real-time.

The payments are done monthly; the minimum payout is just €50, which is very novice-friendly. The withdrawal options are a bit limited: you can only choose from Skrill, wire transfer or Neteller at the moment.

Here are some testimonials from Betclic partners:

Betclic testimonials

Allowed and prohibited traffic sources

As we already mentioned, Betclic affiliate program welcomes webmasters and site owners who can place ads on their websites. If you want to run paid ads, promote Betclic with programmatic advertising, use your social media traffic, this is a subject of a separate agreement. The most desired traffic is SEO — organic users of your webpages.

Here are the restrictions Betway partners must note:

  • Your website is inaccessible or currently undergoing construction, as it may not effectively drive traffic to Betclic.
  • Your target audience consists of users under 18 years of age or your content promotes materials that are sexually explicit, violent, discriminatory based on factors such as race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
  • Your website content promotes illegal activities or violates intellectual property rights, it may not align with Betclic affiliate program guidelines.
  • Your customer acquisition efforts are primarily focused on a market where Betclic does not accept customers. This could restrict your ability to effectively refer new players to the platform, and also lead these new players to bans and zeroed deposits.

Overall, Betway partners need to make sure that their content complies with legal and ethical standards. If your traffic sources fall under any of these categories, it’s important to review and adjust your marketing strategies to align with the guidelines.

How much can you earn?

Consider this hypothetical scenario: Suppose you’ve successfully attracted 200 players to join Betclic through your affiliate efforts. All of them generated €7,000 in profit to the platform by participating in various sports and casino bets.

Now, let’s say that with a revenue share model offering 30% of the revenue generated by referrals, your earnings from these players would total €2,100.

Overall, there are no limits to how much you can earn. As long as your traffic complies with Betclic affiliate program policies, you can drive it endlessly and get monthly payouts without any limitations.

Pros and cons of working with Betclic affiliate program

Pros Cons
Big payouts. No transparent conditions available publicly.
Transparent tracking. Possible GEO-limitations.
Big set of digital marketing materials.

In conclusion, partnering with the Betclic affiliate program presents a lucrative opportunity for website owners who want to monetize their online gambling traffic.