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Betway Affiliate Program

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Betway affiliate program offers high RevShare payouts for publishers, webmasters, and affiliate marketers and provides partners with branded materials, transparent tracking, and personal deals. Available for European and African players, Betway remains a very popular sportsbook and casino at both markets.

Betway Group has created a big and popular gambling brand that operates worldwide and welcomes new players from the top popular GEOs always full of high-quality traffic. That’s why the Betway affiliate program is so lucrative for affiliate marketers, website owners, and webmasters, but that’s not the only reason.

As a global brand, Betway is striving to grow, and its current target is the African market. This gives an extra opportunity for Betway partners: they can select between the standard Betway affiliate program aiming at the European market, and also a special African program for those who know the ropes of this very profitable GEO.

Among the most important pros of Betway as a sportsbook and a casino brand are the following:

  • It legally operates in multiple countries, holding their local licenses.
  • It offers plenty of player bonuses.
  • It has a big choice of casino games and sports betting markets.
  • Its overall reputation is good enough; the platform gets pretty high marks at independent review websites:

Betway overall rating

Besides, Betway operates in many countries and has dedicated domains for different GEOs, which makes it easier to target a particular region.

To see how popular it is at the moment, let’s rely on Google Trends: here is the graph for the past five years, which proves Betway’s popularity is only growing.

Betway google trends

And, as you see, their efforts to engage African users were successful: here are statistics of the interest by region.

Betway top geo

Betway partners and conditions

As we already mentioned, Betway has two separate programs for its African affiliates and partners from Europe. However, the conditions are more or less the same, and both programs mainly target publishers who have high-quality SEO traffic. The other marketing methods can be also accepted in some cases; however, you need to mind the restrictions; we will explain them further.

At the moment of creating this post, Betway affiliate program offers Revenue Share deals, with the transparent conditions. The Betway affiliate commission depends on the amount of players Betway partners attract, and good news that there are no limits and payout shaves.

1-10 players 25%
11-40 players 30%
41-100 players 35%
101+ players 40%
  • Bank Transfers
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

Depending on the payment method, you can face some restrictions. For example, you can withdraw a minimum €700 (€100 for Betway Africa program) if you pick a bank transfer.

Betway referral program gives partners access to a wide range of marketing materials you can freely use for your campaigns. For example, you can use banners to promote Betway on your website and also track the latest news with the new Betway releases or bonuses.

Allowed and prohibited traffic sources

Betway affiliate program warmly welcomes website owners. Even its guidelines for affiliate partners begin with the instruction like this: ‘Place Betway ads on your site — links or banners’. However, you are not limited by this way of promoting. Here are some other legal ways of how you can acquisite traffic for the Betway affiliate program:

  • Legitimate email marketing (make sure you don’t promote anything to self-excluded players or those who didn’t give you consent to receive emails).
  • SMS marketing (again, if it complies with the policies).
  • Blogger/streaming traffic.

The other traffic sources, including paid traffic, can be discussed with your personal manager. The ultimate restrictions include intensive traffic, fraud and bot traffic (not surprising, of course), and spam.

And, of course, the website (or websites) you are using to promote Betway must be gambling-related and not violate any brand-safety or other policies.

How much can you earn

As we already mentioned, there are no limits for your earnings. By the way, even if you end up with a negative commission (this may happen when players you attracted within the program haven’t faced any losses), Betway doesn’t charge you anything. You just don’t receive any commission and take the next chance in the new month.

So, speaking about the earnings, it all depends on how many active players you attract. Suppose you have 20 players, who bring Betway an average profit of $500 per month. According to the table we gave you above, your commission will be 30% in this case. So, your monthly payout can be about $3,000 in this case.

Pros and cons of working with Betway affiliate program

Pros Cons
Popular legit platform. Not so many payment methods.
High CPA commissions. Payout restrictions.
Fair and transparent conditions.
Ready branded materials you can customized for your website.
An opportunity to target African countries where traffic is usually cheaper than in the Tier-1.

Overall, Betway affiliate program is a great way to earn for both novices and experienced marketers: it gives you a great combo of decent payouts and transparent conditions with a personal approach.